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The Issues - Carol Loveless


  • Carol Loveless - Delegate 9BJob creation; meaningful private sector jobs.
  • Reduce taxes.
  • Cut wasteful spending
  • Education; provide competitive workforce, strengthen community, family input.
  • Environment; protect natural resources without destroying jobs or raising prices, expand renewable energy sources thru private enterprise, not government cronyism, with the goal of reducing foreign oil dependence.
  • Efficient, sensible, transportation policies.
  • Protect individual Constitutional rights.


As a business owner and employer, I know firsthand how devastating the current policies coming from Annapolis are on the families who depend on my company for their daily income. Maryland was LAST in job creation last year. We need to stimulate a more business friendly environment to keep and attract employers. Since Governor O'Malley and his tax machine have been in office, 6,500 small businesses have closed their doors.

Our focus should be on creating good jobs. My goal would be for every able bodied Marylander to have a job. Jobs are the answer to almost every problem we face economically and socially. To place your priorities elsewhere is treating the symptom and not the cause.


Reduce corporate and personal income taxes that are causing many large and small businesses to leave the state or reduce hiring.

Tax cuts across the board would entice much needed manufacturing, and other well paying jobs to return to Maryland without the government picking winners and losers. Why should Amazon, the Green Turtle in Towson and the House of Cards get a tax break while the rest of us are paying among the highest rates in the country? I don’t think your success should depend on who you know in Annapolis.

I would also support common sense regulation that does not over burden businesses.


After 80 plus O'Malley tax increases MD has a $500 million deficit. Spending has to be reduced!

Scrap the failed MD healthcare website that cost the Maryland taxpayers $250 million

No pork spending.

Place lock boxes on special funds like the Bay Fund and Transportation Fund to keep the money from going to the general fund over and over.

Honor the promises to teachers and state troopers by funding their pension plans. Currently they are only 60% funded.

Ultimately, job creation is the best means to increase tax revenue.


Maryland continues to be ranked among the best in education. How many of us moved to Howard County for the very reason to send our kids to Howard County Schools? I know my family did. My children attended Waverly, Manor Woods, Burleigh Manor and Centennial. All excellent schools. Our teachers and principals are among the top in the nation, and we treasure that. Regrettably, Maryland has signed on to "Common Core,” giving control of what our children learn to the federal government. The impartial State Legislative Services Final Report for the 2014 session noted: " Concern has been raised not only with the content of the Common Core State Standards but also with the implementation process." I agree! Teachers, parents and students are frustrated. I support full repeal of Common Core. Education should have local control. I support Howard County teachers and LOCAL control!


Voters should chose their politicians. Politicains should NOT choose their voters. Would you agree?

I support putting an end to political gerrymandering by one dominant political party.

I support the establishment of an Independent Redistricting Commission as done in 9 other states; Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana and New Jersey to name a few. Maryland is tied for second among the top ten of the most gerrymandered congressional districts in the US. MD should consider single member state legislative districts just like 46 other states.


With the ever-growing use of our roads and bridges, we want to make sure we are safe as we travel across our great state---whether it's going to work, taking the kids to their activities, driving to a Ravens game or making a trip to Ocean City. Did you know that close to a BILLION dollars has been robbed from the transportation fund in the last few years? I would support legislation that would not allow the transportation fund to be raided to balance the budget. We’ll use the money for what it was intended to be used for: better and safer transportation.

We must prioritize bridge and road maintenance for safety before building more infrastructure.
We must end state subsidy of underutilized transit.. I am frustrated every time I see an empty bus in Howard County.


Everyone wants a clean Chesapeake Bay for future generations to use and enjoy. However, we do not accomplish that with punitive "rain tax" policies that destroy jobs when other effective means exist to control pollution such as dredging the Conowingo Dam. It produces more sediment and run off than the jurisdictions impacted by the tax

I support wind and solar through PRIVATE enterprise. The government should NOT be picking winners and losers.